Are You Tired Of feeling like you are Wasting Time trying to meet someone online?

Are You a busy professional who is looking for an effective way to date quality people?

Do you feel like the people you are meeting don't match what you are looking for?



PowerMatch™ is an elite matchmaking service that helps exceptional single professionals securely connect with like-minded partners for honest and lasting relationships. Our team of experts partners with each client  in the field of dating, matchmaking and relationship enhancement to help build stronger and healthier relationships using a customized approach.

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Powermate® Relationship and Dating Coaching is offered in a group and on-demand exclusively by our certified coaches. Our mission is to help you design the life that you've always wanted by providing the right environment, guidance, support and accountability so you can thrive in your relationships and dating life. You get access to over 100 hours of D-I-Y training, weekly virtual meetups, professionally designed curriculum, templates for you to use in your dating journey and so much more!

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Powermate® Prep

Our Powermate® Personalized Dating Audit is your opportunity to receive a thorough analysis of what’s been working and what hasn't in your dating life so far. We’ll help you pinpoint where you are falling short and create a list of realistic changes you can make to improve your success in the dating world.

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Powermate® Online Profile Overhaul is a comprehensive re-construct of your dating profile that offers a detailed analysis and feedback of your dating profile to help increase the chances of finding the best people for you to date. Your newly improved profile will be a convenient and fun way to explore your dating options online!


The Powermate® Hotline is a revolutionary and proprietary on-demand service that will give you access to a dating coach 24 hours a day. When you purchase this service it will be like you have your dating coach with you wherever you go. You will receive coaching in real time whether you are getting ready to go on a date, on a date and need help with that to do next, or you want help to let the date go easy. You will learn how your current online dating profile and text messages are likely to impact your chances of getting a response and so much more. We’ll guide you through crafting the perfect message which will increase your efficiency and results.



to create a space of connection
by teaching singles
worldwide how to see
themselves in
prosperous Relationships
because we believe that they deserve to
be matched with someone they have
chemistry with.


to Improve lives by helping
and singles find love, understand
their relationships,
and create
healthy habits.


We teach Healthy Relationships + Leadership

We've both been married, divorced, and made a decision to heal so that we could create the healthy relationship we knew we deserved.

We met online, had a long-distance relationship that worked for 5 months before ever meeting in person, and got married within one year. We chose to Date Different!

We understood that all relationships look different and made a decision that a healthy relationship with each other was what we wanted. So we put a plan in place, and took action.

Now we are committed to matching you with your person and coaching you into long-term love!

Ways you can work with us: Schedule A Personalized Dating Audit, Books (3x Best Selling Authors), DIY courses, Join Our Powermate Prep Membership, Become A Matchmaking Client, Join Our Database, Listen To The Love Ting Podcast, Book Us To Speak.

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