Micca Watkins

CTO | Chief Strategist

Micca Watkins is a Powermate Relationship Strategist, Transformational Speaker, and Best Selling Author of the Workbook EXPOSED ~ Love Unstuck. She is a coach and matchmaker who champions busy singles who are sick and tired of the old way of building relationships and are just frustrated that they have wasted time going on bad dates with the wrong people.

Micca believes that choosing a Relationship Coach or Matchmaker is the first step in your journey to your Powermate. Along with her team she uses proven strategies and proprietary software to not only leave you feeling prepared to date, but matched with those you prefer based on your criteria and Powermate Personality.

Micca's testimony conveys a message of having a clear vision, having a strategic plan to love, and experiencing results that come directly from taking action.  She shares with her audiences that there is definitely hope in love and that by choosing to date differently they will get different results.

Micca has been featured in Tell Your Story, Living The Principles 365, Lady Kay Chat, Black Speakers Network Podcast, Be Against Bullying  and Speakers Magazine. In addition to his extensive training and sales experience, Rio is also a trained and Certified Mindfulness Practitioner

2020 - 2021 FEATURES

Tell Your Story Conference Ohio, MY TRUTH - Panel Presenter 150+ people


Queen For The Day Conference 2018 and 2021, You Are Enough, Event Host, 100 +


Couch To Podium, Let's Get Paid To Speak- virtual event MC/Moderator, 80 people


Black Speakers Network Global Speakers Summit, virtual summit, MC/Moderator, 100+ people


BSN Speaker Showcase, Brief Brilliant Build Up, Virtual Presentation, 12,000+


Queen For The Day Conference 2021, Conference Host, virtual event, 2800+


The Detour Program - Self Love Is Love, Workshop Presenter, The Power of I AM, 300 students


Emotional Wellness Marriage Conference - Healing Through Meditation in Marriage, Workshop Presenter, 30